In Romania, there are still children not living at home with a family and so the children we get to minister are under the care of the government with staffing that are paid by the government.  As a non-profit working in Bucharest we are able to cover 5 of the orphanages in one of the districts in the city. Three of the orphanages the children live in what you call foster homes where an average of 8 to 10 kids.  There are still two centers that are still used for emergencies such as street children and children taken from domestic violence homes.

Because of the lack of attention, the children do not receive much from a spiritual, practical, and also emotional standpoint. We have decided that our purpose is to include the activities below (this way we can interact and meet their needs).

With each center/apartment mentioned we are able to cover few different grounds :

  • Visiting homes (games, crafts, practical things)
  • Special outgoing (Cinema, bowling)
  • Housing projects (necessary needed things for each place)
  • Camp opportunities (Every summer the children go to our annual Summer Camp)
  • Special Events (Christmas Event)