The reason behind Refuge Center is to bring hope and a purpose to ONE’S life.

We believe in the EYES of our Lord we all matter. We also believe that when Jesus came on the Earth He came for the Lost. We were lost at one point and we were found by the Grace of God. But there are so many other ones that are still lost and not just lost but suffering in poverty. Mom and Dads are struggling to live along with 5, 6 or even 10 of their own children. Children living on the streets and orphans still under the care of government that no one considers that they too matter. There also are so many that haven’t heard about our Lord Jesus Christ and what He can do in their lives. Jesus knows them by name and knows exactly what they are going through.

This is where we want to come in and meet those people in need that God will bring to us to minister to. We want to meet their physical needs, we want to meet their spiritual needs. We want to bring Jesus as their only Hope for their lives. We want to be that group of people that Gives Love to all Children. We want to come alongside parents and help them raise their families in how God sees their family. We want to show orphans that they too matter and want to make their lives a little bit better. We want them to see that LIGHT at the end of the Tunnel.